Ok first off, if you have stumbled across this gift guide and you don't have a wrestler, NO WORRIES! Just go HERE for some ideas. Ok now for the wrestling peeps.


Easter is right around the corner and that means that easter baskets are being assembled! We have put together our TOP 5 gift ideas to help make your wrestler bounce like a bunny rabbit from the excitement of opening their basket!


Wrestling is a sport that is majorly under marketed when it comes to exciting products. Singlets, Socks, T shirts, don't we all have a ton?? But there is nothing that can personalize a wrestler's world like Vinyl Messages Wrestling Decals!


Below is a list of THE HOTTEST AND TOP SELLERS that we know will make your job easier to create an easter basket and make you look like a super star!! Instead of more candy (which they get plenty of at Easter egg hunts) fill their basket with something that will "stick" around for a long time and is a constant reminder of how it feels to be on that mat and hear that hand slap "PIN"!!! Having their hand raised is a feeling that never goes away for a wrestler, and our decals constantly bring that feeling of accomplishment front and center for them. What parent doesn't want to provide an ongoing feeling of accomplishment??? It helps motivate and keep their mind and self esteem on point, and that is something everyone needs for their children! These wrestlers are so amazing at what they do with the sport that they love, Wrestling!


  • Name Decal- With about 35 fonts and over 30 colors to choose from, you can personalize your childs name just like they dream about. Every kid just loves seeing their name on things! Get one for their wall and a few for their belongings! There is wall safe and water resistant options!
  • Personalized Wrestling Single Leg Takedown- This is a beast of a design. Express that hard work that goes into a takedown. This design portrays the blood, sweat and tears that goes into building a beast on the mat! Their name is added for that extra touch of accomplishment! This one is a must have for every wrestler's room!
  • Wrestling Mat with Name Personalization- This one is just a staple. EVERYONE needs 2 or 3 of these! Whether its for their bedroom wall, Phone case, Lunch box, Notebook, a wrestling mat is the perfect symbol of what they do! This design also gives you the option to personalize it and add their name if you wish, comes with or with out the name! Whatever your little "easter chicklet"/wrestler would prefer!
  • Heartbeat Wrestlers with Name Personalization- When your little dude lives and breathes for being on the mat you know his heart skips a beat when he walks on that mat! This decal is perfect for the one that will only forever be throwing bodies and doesn't care much for throwing balls ;)
  • Beast Mode- How much more do we need to say about this one! This design encompasses the entirety of a wrestler! This is a great option for every easter basket. It is on our TOP SELLER LIST for a reason!
  • Bonus Gift Idea- If you have no idea which one of these TOP 5 designs are going to be the perfect fit and just know that every one of them is the perfect one, we get it! LET THEM CHOOSE! Give them a gift that they have more control over! An Easter Gift card can help them not only choose the design but pick the perfect color that they would like to have it in! These do not expire and are immediately emailed to you so you have quick access! Can not go wrong with this one!!!