Decal Fundraiser: The Quickest and Easiest way to Raise a Great Amount of Funds!

Get ready to make your organization some money!

The interest that so many students and families have in school spirit is very high. Pride is everything and to be able to show it off is even better! Decals have become a huge way of showing off where your support is, and that makes it a great fundraiser to add to your season. Decal fundraisers are a great addition to your efforts of raising funds for your teams and clubs. Many families typically have 2 or more cars that they like to purchase decals for. In addition to this, the sizing of these fundraising decals also makes them perfect for multiple other applications such as tumblers, laptops, binders, mirrors and so much more. This is what helps in adding quantities to everyone's order which in return creates larger organizational profits.

Each organization can use our online store to share with their families to shop from or do a traditional order form like the one attached. Online purchase options will be given a specific url to share and shop from. We will work with each individual organization to create designs suitable for their purposes. Attached I have included a sample order form. We would love to help you also! This form will be created with your designs and info to share.

Here's why you can't pass on this Fundraiser!

-In order to provide ease and accessibility, we would be able to do both traditional forms or live ordering with a private website link. 
-There will be NO MIN requirements on designs created for the organization.
-There are no shipping fees. Orders will be delivered to the organization. 
-We can add as many designs as you request.
-In order to have a higher success, we can provide school pride designs and any other design that will sell to friends and family outside of your organization.
-Organization will be receiving 50% of sales from form fundraisers & 40% for online Fundraisers. 
-Quick 1-2 week turn around. 
-For the first 10 items sold by each individual student, we provide a free decal. (Order forms Only) 
-Perfect option to add to and help increase existing fundraising options. 

Here are a few examples of a possible form.

Online Ordering

Online ordering is great for those that need a hands off approach. We do the work for you through your personalized product link/QR Code. You will use that link/QR Code to share with your organization and then hear from us when we are ready with your order and Check! Simple and super hands off way to make a great amount of $$$ for your organization. 

Here is an example link on what it will look like and the QR Code below.

Please Contact us and let us know what we can help you with. We have helped many different organizations raise thousands of dollars in a fun and loved way. People love stickers and you can use them in so many ways, it makes it so easy to raise funds! Good luck to your organization and we hope you have a ton of success!